Our wedding party

We have such an amazing group of fun and supportive family and friends, and are thankful to have the following beside us on our wedding day.

Karen's attendants
  • Katie Clark, Matron Of Honor
    Katie is my older sister. If you asked me when I was 7 if I'd ever list my sister as one of my best friends, I'd probably have said "Huh?", but luckily I grew out of that phase.
    Katie is also the mother to the world's cutest baby boy, Declan Andrew Clark.
  • Brita Gilbertson, Bridesmaid
    Brita and I met during sophmore year of college when we lived 2 rooms apart on the 7th floor of Mathes Hall (and while I didn't know it at the time, right above Steve!). Brita is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know, and I count myself lucky to have her as a friend.
    Brita is also the one who had the genius idea to introduce Steve and I :-)
  • Meghann Galland, Bridesmaid
    Meghann and I met while living across from each other in Mathes Hall at WWU, and has been a supportive friend through my life's major milestones. Meghann was a major contributor towards Steve's amazing proposal (including keeping it a total secret from me!)
  • Jackie Morrow, Bridesmaid
    Jackie and I met during college when I lived in my "hobbit hole" apartment. We shared mutual friends who lived in the same complex, and after many nights of drinking cocktails and watching guys play video games, we became good friends. I am grateful for all the advice and help she has given me over the years, and how she graciously opens her home every Monday night to host How I Met Your Mother vieiwing parties :-)
  • Erin Brownlee, Bridesmaid
    Like Jackie, I met and bonded with Erin during many hazy nights at the Rowan Grove townhouses. Through all our time in Bellingham and now Seattle, Erin never fails to make me laugh and is one of the best listeners I know.
    I am so thankful to have such an amazing group of women in my life.
Steve's attendants
  • Tommy Allen, Best Man
    Tom Tom is my younger nuisance of a brother. We use to fight a lot when we were younger, like typical brothers, but now we have developed a great friendship. He still knows how to annoy me and is pretty good at it, but I know he would do anything for me. Today Tommy is going to SPU for his masters in teaching and I'm really proud of him.
  • Riley Burton, Groomsman
    Riley and I met back in high school, becoming good friends during our freshman year at Western. For the next three years we were roommates (including sophomore year where I was only one floor below my future bride). Riley and I practically did everything together throughout college, from practical jokes in the dorms freshman year to matchbox car racing in the duplex senior year. He’s someone who has really seen me grow as a person and has been there through all of my life’s trials. I'm lucky to have him as a friend.
  • Steve Edholm, Groomsman
    Edholm and I met back in junior high. We walked into our first class to find that there were 5 Steves in the class. We went to school together in junior high and high school, becoming good friends in college. Edholm, Riley, and I got an apartment together junior year and had some great times. Today, Edholm and I email each other at least 5 times a day to discuss our interests of sports (specifically the Sounders and EPL), music, beer or whatever else is on our minds. Edholm has always been a great support to me and thankful to have him as a friend.
  • Bryce Ferguson, Groomsman
    Bryce and I became friends through soccer. I joined his team my sophomore year of high school and enjoyed the camaraderie with all the guys on the team. After high school we always hung out during breaks in the school year and I would always convince him to come up to Bellingham for a weekend trip. Today, we hang out almost weekly by going to Sounders games, vacations, or to just grab a beer somewhere in Seattle. Bryce has a great sense of humor to be able to put up with our onslaught of teasing.
  • Evan Jacobsen, Groomsman
    Evan and I met in high school as well. He went to college way over in Florida but we would see each other when he came home during breaks. We became closer friends after college when we lived just blocks apart in West Seattle. Evan is someone who is easy going and always up for a good time. We love going to weekly happy hours and beer tastings on the Junction. He has been very involved in many of Karen and I’s major moments together (including the trip to Hawaii where we first fell in love). Evan is someone one who I have always been able to count on and will always be a special friend.
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